The pilgrimage to IKEA is complete

I had been using an IKEA chair in my room since I got here that suddenly decided to break on Friday while I was sitting in it. Perhaps I’ve been having too much fika? Anyway, this finally gave me a legitimate reason (other than to eat Swedish meatballs!) to go to IKEA!

On the note about fika: Saturday was Kanelbullens Dag here in Sweden which is basically a day where everyone makes or buys cinnamon buns! Why don’t we have such holidays in the US?! I got together with my mentor group and we made probably over 80 cinnamon buns along with some Chokladboll which is exactly what it sounds like. Here’s a picture:


Back to my IKEA story: I caught a regional train down to the outskirts of Malmö, about a 25 minute train ride with a lot of stops. The train I originally planned to catch mysteriously never appeared at the station…so hopefully they didn’t get lost. Luckily they run every 30 minutes so I didn’t have to wait too long. A big sign signals your arrival:

A short walk away is what I came for!

Of course no trip to IKEA is complete without some Swedish meatballs! It was actually quite cheap as far as Sweden goes so that’s likely why the place was packed on a Monday.

After some lunch I walked around the store and eventually found what I was looking for. Getting it home was quite an experience but I made it and assembled it all! The final product:

Had to harness all of my engineering know-how…

In other school news, I got a B for my Social Policy class! The professor says that’s equivalent to an American A- so that will certainly do. Had the first lecture for my Education, Culture, and Lifestyle in Sweden class today – should be an interesting class. My parents are visiting next week, too – they arrive this weekend!