Do I actually have to take classes?

One tower of Lund Cathedral

I’m enjoying this two-week-long orientation thing they do here. Let’s just extend that through December shall we?¬†This week has mainly been more SUSA classes, more chapters in the class registration saga, learning Kubb, and finally playing a piano!

The exam for my SUSA class is tomorrow. It’s basically credit that won’t transfer to anything back here so I’m just trying to pass for fun. Luckily it’s all multiple choice and there’s no pronunciation so I don’t even have to make a fool of myself! I figure it will be helpful to at least read signs or understand Swedes if they speak slowly and enunciate perfectly like my teacher. Just like we all enunciate English perfectly all the time, right? I’ve tried to catch myself saying “y’all” and be clear about my word choice since I’m talking to people from all over the place with varying knowledge of English.

I made a last minute change to make my class schedule more interesting, with things like Swedish Social Policy along with Education, Culture, and Lifestyle in Sweden to balance out more technical courses. As of now I’ll be taking one course in September, one in October, and one in November/December. Need to fit one more in somewhere. Should be all figured out tomorrow!

Kubb is a lawn game that is very popular in Sweden. I played it along with a few other members of my mentor group. Hard to explain, but basically you set up five wooden blocks in a line and one team tries to knock over the other teams blocks by throwing wooden batons at them. Ended up tied at one game for each team.

I finally got my hands on a piano yesterday! They turn out to be at what I think is an International School here in Lund, with a private music school in the basement. I went during the day so kids were outside between classes and some listened and yelled at me through the window! I had no idea what language it was so let’s hope it was all compliments?

Here’s two pictures of the eastern part of Lund from the AF-Borgen building roof visited during a Treasure Hunt event this afternoon! Sorry for the smudges that are on my phone apparently…

Looking southeast
Looking east