Parents week!

As I write my parents are hurtling along in a small aluminum tube high above Canada on the way back to the US! They got here on Sunday morning, the 12th, and spent nearly a week here in Lund. That’s probably why I haven’t written a blog post – lots of parentsitting! Before they got here […]

The pilgrimage to IKEA is complete

I had been using an IKEA chair in my room since I got here that suddenly decided to break on Friday while I was sitting in it. Perhaps I’ve been having too much fika? Anyway, this finally gave me a legitimate reason (other than to eat Swedish meatballs!) to go to IKEA! On the note […]

Weekend in Stockholm

Happy October! Wait, what? This past weekend I went to Stockholm to celebrate finishing my social policy class! I left on Friday, the 26th, at the dark and early hour of 5:54AM. I actually liked taking a really early train though, it got me up to Stockholm at about 9:45AM. As you would imagine, the […]

My post naming system is confusing me

Hej! (Pronounced “Hey!”) The last week has been mostly school work as my one month class is drawing to a close. The final home essay is due on Thursday and I just have a bit more to do. This is obviously different from what I’m used to. No essays in a computer science course! Had […]

Week 4.5

It’s only been two days since my last post, but someone named Hannah Brennan thinks that is way too long to go without an update. So here you are: Yesterday I got a haircut from a guy who didn’t speak English. It was kind of terrifying when he started asking me questions in Swedish and […]

Week 4

Feels like I’ve been here longer than four weeks! I guess that’s a good feeling to have? Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to this week. Last Sunday, September 7th, I went along on a Nordic Wildlife Tour organized by the International Desk here at the university. We went to the Skånes Djurpark (Skåne County Zoo) […]

First week of real classes

Things are back into full swing here in Lund as most of the students are back in town. I’ve been told it’s like a ghost town from June to August! I had my first real classes this week, starting off the semester with Swedish Social Policy. It is obviously different from what I’m used to […]

Day trip to Copenhagen

On Saturday I went on a day trip with a group of 10 including people from as close as UNC and as far as Honolulu or Sydney, Australia. It’s actually very easy to get over to Copenhagen from Lund, and it takes about 50 minutes on the train. We met at 8:00am and were on the […]

Do I actually have to take classes?

I’m enjoying this two-week-long orientation thing they do here. Let’s just extend that through December shall we? This week has mainly been more SUSA classes, more chapters in the class registration saga, learning Kubb, and finally playing a piano! The exam for my SUSA class is tomorrow. It’s basically credit that won’t transfer to anything back […]

One week in Sverige

I’ve survived one week! In the last few days I’ve conquered Swedish laundry machines and drying cabinets, cooked real food for the first time in my new corridor, watched a game of basketball between Lund and Helsingborg, went on a tour of Lund Cathedral, and found both a place to practice piano and a possible […]