Day trip to Copenhagen

On Saturday I went on a day trip with a group of 10 including people from as close as UNC and as far as Honolulu or Sydney, Australia. It’s actually very easy to get over to Copenhagen from Lund, and it takes about 50 minutes on the train. We met at 8:00am and were on the […]

Do I actually have to take classes?

I’m enjoying this two-week-long orientation thing they do here. Let’s just extend that through December shall we? This week has mainly been more SUSA classes, more chapters in the class registration saga, learning Kubb, and finally playing a piano! The exam for my SUSA class is tomorrow. It’s basically credit that won’t transfer to anything back […]

One week in Sverige

I’ve survived one week! In the last few days I’ve conquered Swedish laundry machines and drying cabinets, cooked real food for the first time in my new corridor, watched a game of basketball between Lund and Helsingborg, went on a tour of Lund Cathedral, and found both a place to practice piano and a possible […]

Class registration

I spent a large part of my day yesterday, August 21, waiting to register for my classes for this fall. I had picked out some courses before I came to Lund and even had them approved by various departments at N.C. State but didn’t think I would automatically be registered in these classes. My research […]

Learning some more Swedish

Just got out of the first of six meetings of my SUSA class (Introductory Swedish for Exchange Students). I don’t think I can actually transfer this credit but it’s nice to at least learn some Swedish! I can now say things like Jag heter Dixon (My name is Dixon) or Jag kommer från USA (I […]

Hej, Sverige!

I made it! The flight was pretty uneventful – I enjoyed the semi fancy food and wine and maybe got one or two hours of sleep. We arrived on time and the descent over Norway and Denmark was really gorgeous! Lots of wind turbines, windy ocean, and open fields. Here’s some pictures: After some wrangling […]

On the way

The day is here! I’m currently writing this during my ~5 hour layover at IAD in Washington, DC. Already had my last Five Guys for lunch, now just doing some plane spotting to kill time. I watched the Air France A380 from Paris land and taxi to the gate – first time I’ve really seen […]

See ya, Boeing

I finished my 12 week summer internship with Boeing in Charleston, SC today. It turned out to be a really great experience. I met a lot of people, worked on some important projects, and got to really see how Boeing the company works. South Carolina was chosen last week to be the sole site of […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! You can find a little more about me at my main website, This blog will be dedicated to my study abroad experience at Lund University in Lund, Sweden for the Fall 2014 semester. I hope to keep this updated regularly throughout the semester! Back to planning and packing…I arrive in Sweden on […]