A bad case of the Mondays

Fair Warning: This post will mostly deal with medical topics, so if you don’t like that, maybe skip this post! Also, I’m fine. Read on if you want details. Monday started out not so great – walking 30 minutes to class in the pouring rain, giving a presentation on a topic I don’t really care about, […]

O Sun, Where Art Thou?

I saw this article earlier this week on Facebook. I’ll save you reading the entire thing with this summarization: most of Sweden has been completely overcast for the entire month of November. Lund is no exception, though I did see a bit of bright light through the clouds yesterday for a few minutes! But it quickly went […]

Start of November

Been a while since my last post! Hard to believe it’s already nine days into November. The past week and a half or so has been mostly getting settled into my new classes and their new locations. I started my Functional Programming class on Monday, the 3rd, and it certainly felt like computer science classes […]