Hej, Sverige!

I made it! The flight was pretty uneventful – I enjoyed the semi fancy food and wine and maybe got one or two hours of sleep. We arrived on time and the descent over Norway and Denmark was really gorgeous! Lots of wind turbines, windy ocean, and open fields. Here’s some pictures:

Southern coast of Norway, note the wind turbines!
View of Denmark and the cool red Scandinavian jet engine!

After some wrangling with the train ticket machine and accidentally buying a first class ticket, I made it onto the train across the Øresund Bridge towards Malmö. The train goes underwater for about a minute and then pops up in the middle of the strait and continues on the bridge. It took about five minutes to cross over to Sweden. I arrived at the Lund Central Station at about 9:30am and walked over to the B&B where I’m staying tonight. It’s sort of weird, almost like a self service hotel. They emailed me the code for the door and told me which room would be mine. Luckily it was available at about 10:30am so I slept til about 2:00pm when I went out to find some food! It’s pretty rainy here in Lund today and cool, between 55 and 60 degrees. If the rain holds off I may go for a walk and check out some of the sights. Until next time!

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  1. I’m excited for all that awaits you on this adventure. Please know we are praying for you.

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