Thanks for reading

I made it home exactly on time on Monday with all of my bags in tow, which pretty much never happens! Jet lag has gotten to me the last two days where I’ve been waking up at 3:30am and 5am respectively…hopefully it will continue improving. Anyway, just wanted to write a quick post to say […]

Hejdå, Sverige! (Bye, Sweden!)

Sweden just wouldn’t let me leave without a little more rain and clouds, but I’ve made it to the airport in Copenhagen and gotten through security! Now to sit and keep myself entertained for the next ~14 hours… The train was packed with people and their luggage; I guess it’s quite a busy travel season. […]

Nearly time to head home!

I finished my last in person exam/class thing today! I realized it was the only written test I took all semester which is a bit unusual. Unfortunately the semesters here don’t officially end until like January 19th, so I’ll still have a bit of work to do after I get home. But anyway, now I […]

Norway Part 2: (A train to) Bergen

(Hey, where is part one?! Right here.) On Saturday morning well before sunrise (which happens after 9am, just so you know) I headed to the central station to catch the 8:05am train to Bergen. Bergen is the second most populous city in Norway and is located on the west coast. The train ride goes through the […]

Norway Part 1: Oslo

(Wait, I want part two! Here you go.) Continuing the trend of weekend trips, this past weekend I visited Sweden’s neighbor, Norway. I went for a little longer than last weekend and was able to leave for Oslo on Thursday morning and return to Lund on Sunday. I originally considered taking the train to Gothenburg, spending […]

“Ich bin ein Berliner”

This past weekend I visited Berlin! I was there from early on Friday through late on Sunday. You’d be surprised to hear that it was actually a lot colder down south in Berlin than it is in Sweden. Brrrrrrrr! Here’s what I was up to: The weekend started with a 4AM alarm and catching the 5AM train […]

A bad case of the Mondays

Fair Warning: This post will mostly deal with medical topics, so if you don’t like that, maybe skip this post! Also, I’m fine. Read on if you want details. Monday started out not so great – walking 30 minutes to class in the pouring rain, giving a presentation on a topic I don’t really care about, […]

O Sun, Where Art Thou?

I saw this article earlier this week on Facebook. I’ll save you reading the entire thing with this summarization: most of Sweden has been completely overcast for the entire month of November. Lund is no exception, though I did see a bit of bright light through the clouds yesterday for a few minutes! But it quickly went […]

Start of November

Been a while since my last post! Hard to believe it’s already nine days into November. The past week and a half or so has been mostly getting settled into my new classes and their new locations. I started my Functional Programming class on Monday, the 3rd, and it certainly felt like computer science classes […]

Over halfway done, more class, and winning a lottery?

It’s a bit hard to believe that I’m over halfway done with my time here in Sweden! I’m sure the remaining few weeks will go by very quickly. In the last week I’ve been busy finishing up most of my second class (Education, Culture, and Lifestyle in Sweden) which officially ends on the 31st (spooooooky!). The main […]